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Ocean Avenue brings friends and family together by providing an opportunity to live a stress-free, healthy lifestyle, vacation around the world and an avenue for financial freedom. Founded by Fred Ninow, a highly successful entrepreneur, and Ken Dunn an industry giant, Ocean Avenue is set on a four legged platform. 1. Nutritionals science backed by biologic nutrigenomics 2. Solid financial backing and corporate leadership 3. A simple to explain, viral message 4. Cutting-edge Compensation plan designed for today’s economy Ocean Avenue is proud to be entering the MLM space and believes that a company that delivers quality products, a viral marketing message and a built for today compensation plan is in high demand. While delivering a lucrative payout, we’ve included in our compensation plan vacations designed to bring family and friends together. The family, traditional or non-traditional is the centerpiece of Ocean Avenue. Our culture is built on fun, freedom and fitness. Find Your Ocean Today. Let's connect on facebook.

- Glynipher Co

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