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Ocean Avenue is an incredible company! What a ride this has been so far! About a year and a half ago I made the best decision to join Ocean Avenue as an ambassador. Ocean Avenue Shakes and Products are by far the best I have ever tried and I love that my kids can drink the shakes and love them, too. Ocean Avenue is a "family-friendly" company! The WheySmart Shake is safe for all ages. Combined with Invigorate, it is a powerful weight loss program that we call Trim4Life. The WheyBeyond Shake is ideal for recovery from a good workout. Empower is an incredible anti-inflammatory and has helped many of my customers - from arthritis to back pain to edema. And Focus Energy is fantastic for road trips, staying awake without the jitters and without any crashes. If you are looking for help with immunity, inflammation, or weight loss, I would highly recommend checking out these products. And the new Ice Elements Two Minute Miracle is nothing short of miraculous for skincare! I have been using it on a psoriasis spot on my leg and the inflammation and sores are GONE and it is getting smaller daily. What a blessing after suffering with it for 7 years. After using it the past few weeks my face is transformed, and it just takes 2 minutes a day! If you are looking for an opportunity to earn additional income AND travel with your family for free, talk to me and I will get you started! Just sign up to the right and I would be happy to talk to you about the Ocean Avenue Products! Oh, and the Heidi T. in the testimonials is me!

- Heidi Totten

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